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Nothing and Everything

You may (or may not) have noticed a distinct silence coming from my end of the internet over the last few weeks.
Its not that I don’t have anything to say, rather I have a lot to say, but it has been hard to come up with the gumption to actually assemble the ideas outside of the vastness of my mind.

I visualize my mind as one of those cheesy posters about the hidden depths of our success or potential hanging in every middle school classroom in America.
Nothing and Everything | We are the iceberg, you guys.

I’m an external processor, which basically means that I think out loud. A lot.
Nothing and Everything | TrulyCozyBlog.comOr have you not noticed? 😉

As I share and share and share, I feel like all the thoughts and big ideas blooming wildly in my mind are pruned and trimmed into a big, beautiful bouquet that I want to gift to everyone most people some people.

I’m feeling the analogies. Go with it.

Why do I keep talking a lot about talking a lot and not really saying anything?
I think if you are following along you understand that I am actually saying something very important:
talking is my creativity and my catharsis.

I’ve tried diligently to create in more conventional ways (drawing, painting, etc.), but no. Just no.
Through, you guessed it, deep discussions with friends and family I have learned to embrace my creativity, my art, my words.

Its not like I think I am any different from every other privileged middle-class American. I know I don’t have the cure for the common condition. “There is nothing new under the sun,” right?
Maybe I am not doing anyone else any favors. Maybe its all very selfish and self-serving. But does that make it wrong?
If I am always withholding the muddled musings inside my mind, to the point of allowing them to affect my clarity and peace, they will perhaps find their way into the hands of my always beckoning depression which threatens it’s emergence without even the slightest bit of courteous forewarning. So rude.

I leave you with these words which I have intentionally arranged in such a way so that they make the most sense to those of you not as privy to the “potential” of the icebergs in my mind. (See what I did there?)


Orphaned by the clouds
Falling to the lowest point
Refreshing the earth



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