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After all my belly-achin’ we are finally getting some Danielle-approved weather around here.
When it stays as hot as it has around here for so long, I start feeling really lethargic and depressed. Too much Vitamin D.
All that is behind us now because its raining today and its supposed to continue through the weekend!
chandler excited
I see a lot of sweaters, warm beverages and boots in my future. mmm 🙂

FLICKS: Little Miss Sunshine

Richard Hoover (Greg Kinnear, As Good as it Gets / Baby Mama) is the patriarch of a dysfunctional family. The whole brood sets out for Redondo Beach for a beauty pageant for the youngest, Olive (Abigail Breslin, Signs / Zombieland). Patience and sanity are put to the test as the long journey in a small, mostly functional VW van wears on each member of the family. In the end, everyone must lean on each other despite their inclination to fall apart and away from the family.

This movie is a classic in my mind. The family unit represented by these characters is one that I believe many people can relate to. As I watched, I felt that I already knew the people being portrayed. It felt like the unraveling of a story of people in my own family. I believe this is because of the excellent dialogue by writer Michael Arndt (Toy Story 3The Hunger Games: Catching Fire) and the amazing cast. Steve Carell and Toni Collette, in particular, give moving and understated performances that highlight the film’s authentic and honest depiction of a 21st century family.

TUNES: “Fade Into You” by Mazzy Star

Mazzy Star was formed in 1989 in Santa Monica, California by David Robeck and Hope Sandoval.
The alt. rock duo released “Fade Into You” on their album “So Tonight I Might See” in 1994.
The song was an instant hit reaching the top 50 in Billboard’s Hot 100. They never reached the same commercial success with any other song.
Some of the video above was shot in the same locations in the Mojave desert as the artwork for U2’s “The Joshua Tree”.
Mazzy Star is sometimes sub-categorized in the genre of dream pop, that is “an atmospheric subgenre of alternative rock that relies on sonic textures as much as melody.” Accurate.
I ❤ dream pop.

EATS: Loaded Potato Casserole
Loaded Potato Casserole by Gal on a Mission #Friday Favorites |
As cold weather approaches, these kinds of easy, cozy meals are going to be showing up a lot on my menu.
This casserole by Gal on a Mission features cheese, bacon and more cheese, therefore, it is going in my extra special, make-every-week folder.
Seriously, this is one of those meals that you spend ten minutes TOPS prepping, and the next couple of days enjoying over and over again.
Head on over here for the recipe!


**Mateo for President 2016**

Until next week, cheers!


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