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20 Uses for Vaseline

I have to admit, the feedback I got from yesterday’s post was pretty exciting.
Exciting because it gave me a great idea for today’s post…
rub-petroleum-jellyVaseline! (a.k.a. petroleum jelly)

Guys, there are so many things this stuff is good for!
Petroleum jelly (Vaseline) is basically an insoluble, tasteless, odorless, semi-solid ointment that has a melting temperature close to that of the human body and is only flammable when heated to liquid.
It was discovered on some of the US’s first oil rigs back in 1859 as an obnoxious build up that caused the rigs to malfunction, but was also believed to hasten the healing process on all manner of cuts and burns.
(Thanks, Wikipedia!)

*Note: “Since petroleum jelly can be found in “different grades of purity,” you don’t always know how non-toxic your petroleum jelly-based beauty products really are. Vaseline is highly-refined, triple-purified and regarded as non-carcinogenic.” (source: HuffPost)

1. Apply to your lips when they are chapped or just as a little shine to make them feel extra soft and moisturized throughout your day.

2. Rub a small amount into your eyebrows to keep them tamed and manageable if necessary. (Yet another reason to ditch the eyebrow gel.)

3. Apply a generous amount to your hands before bed, throw on some gloves and wake up with baby-soft hands.

4. Same thing goes for feet. Apply an ample amount to your footsies, put on some socks and have touchable soft feet by morning.

5. Some people swear that applying a little to your lashes every night makes them grow thicker and longer. There is some debate, but one thing is for sure, as we age our lashes fall out and new ones grow in on a daily basis (true story!) and they can become brittle and dry. Using Vaseline provides moisture and conditioning to strengthen the new lashes coming in, which can cause them to appear thicker and longer.

6. Try ditching your mascara for Vaseline. This may not be ideal for those with blonde lashes who enjoy the smoky look of mascara, but using a clean mascara wand to apply petroleum jelly to your lashes defines them while adding a protective shield throughout the day, enhancing their shine and (again) promoting moisturized lashes.

7. If you have trouble removing makeup (especially around your eyes), it is perfect for getting all the caked on stuff cleanly off while also moisturizing and softening your skin.

8. Apply to your whole body (just after a shower for maximum absorption!) for supple, smooth skin.

9. If you color your own hair, apply to your hairline to avoid staining your skin with dye.

10. Before painting your nails, apply to the skin around your nails to avoid having sloppy spillover.

11. Keep a small thing in your purse through the winter. It’s thick consistency makes it an excellent protectant for your hands (better than just regular lotion) to keep them from getting dry and cracked.

12. Throw a little sugar and/or salt together with a small amount of Vaseline for a quick DIY scrub for your lips or any part of your body needing exfoliation.

13. If you give yourself razor burn, apply to inflamed skin to soothe and soften.

14. Add some peppermint essential oil to Vaseline for a DIY vapor rub when you need to clear your sinuses.

15. Coat your baby’s eyebrows with it before a bath to help avoid having soap run into their eyes. Vaseline’s insoluble quality will push the soapy water off to the side of their face and safely away from their sensitive eyes.

16. Use as WD-40 for all manner of sticky household items (e.g. light bulbs threads, nail polish necks, keys going into locks, squeaky door hinges/knobs, etc).

17. Coat a thin layer around your pet’s dishes all the way to the ground if you are having trouble with ants to prevent them from being able to infiltrate your their food.

18. Keep your perfume scent longer when you first apply it to the skin where you usually spray perfume and then spray on your perfume as usual.

19. Dab a bit onto your earlobes before putting earrings in to help them glide more smoothly.

20. Coat your teeth lightly before applying lipstick to avoid having your teeth stained.

jingleallthewayDon’t all rush off to the store at once now.
There’s plenty to go around!

Until next time, cheers!


15 comments on “20 Uses for Vaseline

  1. Vaseline is a must have beauty product for me! I use it on my elbows and feet to keep things soft. The second I feel a cold coming on or the weather changes I rub it all over my lips and up to my nose when I go to bed.


    • Truly Cozy
      July 27, 2015

      I rub it on my nose when I’m sick and my sniffer gets all red and raw from having to blow my nose so frequently. Its like magic overnight, literally!


  2. Marlynn Jayme Schotland
    July 21, 2015

    We always have several jars of this around the house and in my car! With really bad eczema, it’s the only thing that helps sometimes that won’t exacerbate my skin. Great list!


    • Truly Cozy
      July 27, 2015

      Oh that’s interesting! I can’t believe how many things this stuff is good for. Its awesome!


  3. Sabina
    July 22, 2015

    I love using Vaseline on my lips/elbows to keep them nice & soft. I didn’t even think about using it to keep shampoo out of babies’ eyes.


    • Truly Cozy
      July 27, 2015

      Elbows! Good idea! Mine can get a little rough from time to time, I’ll have to give that a try. Thanks, Sabina!

      Liked by 1 person

      • Sabina
        July 28, 2015

        They’re the only thing that work for my elbows. Hope that helps!


  4. Jenni Bost (@jennibost)
    July 22, 2015

    I never really used vaseline, but always had a jar of it, until I had skin cancer and the plastic surgeon who stitched up my scar told me to apply to the wound for healing– nothing else, no vitamin A, nothing but Vaseline. My scar is almost non-existent now. People never really see it at all. When I told a 50+ year old lady this she said that she used vaseline around her eyes every night for years to help prevent wrinkles… I swear her face looks 35 instead of nearly 60!


    • Truly Cozy
      July 27, 2015

      Wow!! That’s amazing! I wonder if its good for scars that are already set in… I’ll have to check it out. Thanks so much, Jenni 🙂


  5. Funny camping post you linked to! I hadn’t thought about a simple product like this as a fire starter!


    • Truly Cozy
      July 27, 2015

      Thanks! Yeah, it really came in handy on that trip and in lots of other ways. 🙂


  6. Melinda
    July 22, 2015

    Vaseline is one of those things that don’t think about, but I can’t live without! And thanks for some new ideas for it!


    • Truly Cozy
      July 27, 2015

      Right? Its so unassuming. Thanks for stopping by, Melinda 😀


  7. kelsey
    July 22, 2015

    It can also be a glisten-y eye-shadow replacement!


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