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The Truth About Popular Bath and Body Products

Evermore, I find my “beauty” routine being whittled down to more and more basic stuff.
It all started with learning about the oil cleansing method.
Once I realized that I didn’t need all the fancy “pore-refining” chemicals to maintain clear and radiant skin, I was hooked on the notion of simplifying my medicine cabinet.
Nowadays, I keep it pretty casual with oil cleansing at night, and wearing my homemade foundation and some mascara during the day. Boom! Good to go.
I’ve learned that once I began paying attention to what is actually in most over-the-counter bath and body products, I noticed that most of the ingredients where either harmful, ineffective or redundant when I have an adequate general hygiene regimen.

Here are some things you may be able to toss from your bathroom cabinet:

Sunscreens higher than SPF 30 are like cars whose speedometer goes up to 200 mph. Excessive, impractical and unnecessary. Most of the harmful rays caused by the sun are blocked out with SPF 15. SPF 30 knocks out pretty much all the rest and given the fact that sunscreen needs to be reapplied after swimming or sweating anyway, you may as well save yourself the cash and stick with a lower SPF, but plenty effective sunscreen.

Body firming/cellulite reducing creams usually have some kind of caffeinated component in them which stimulates blood flow to the applied area. This may, in some cases, temporarily reduce the visibility of these common body dimples, but the best results come from maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

Facial toners are, essentially, redundant if you have a facial cleansing routine that is effective. Those with Rosacea-prone skin may benefit from a gentle toner, but otherwise the ethanol found in most toners can cause cell damage in the face and skin irritation.
(source & source)

Lip primers are completely unnecessary when you consider how easy the DIY long-lasting lip color routine is. Instead of spending over $10 for primer, just allow some lip balm to soak in to your lips a moment, blot with a tissue, speck on a bit of foundation or concealer to your lips, line them with a lip pencil, fill in with lipstick, blot again, add a touch of powder, and top it off with a final coat of lipstick. These steps will be well-worth the time when you consider how much money you could be wasting on lip primer.

Eyebrow gel can be easily replaced with a pair of beauty scissors or an eyebrow trimmer. This small investment will save you loads of money in the future when you don’t have to buy costly brow setting gel. If after a good trim, you still feel you need a little hold on your brows, spritz a bit of hairspray on a clean wand from an old mascara tube and brush them through.

Foot cream is nothing more than glorified hand lotion. If you feel your feet need particular attention and you can’t afford to get yourself a pedicure every week (like me), try slathering your feet in petroleum jelly and putting socks on before bed. Don’t bother with expensive foot creams falsely claiming that they are somehow specially designed for only the skin on your feet.

Shaving cream, as it turns out, use to have more of a purpose than it is really good for nowadays. Its initial draw was that it relaxed the hair follicles and allowed the razor to glide along the skin smoothly. These days, most shower gels contain glycerin in them which puts shaving cream out of the job. You may also find you don’t even need shower gels and such for a close shave if you wait till the end of your shower to shave when your pores are opened naturally by the steam.

So, next time you see a commercial (any commercial, really) or find yourself in the beauty supply aisle just remember
And on that happy note… until next time, cheers!


6 comments on “The Truth About Popular Bath and Body Products

  1. These are great! I don’t buy any of these, mostly because I have a super simple routine and don’t even know what to do with all of the extra products the stores try to push on me 😉 So true on SPF.


  2. Jen
    July 7, 2015

    Great list. I also put petroleum jelly on my feet before I run… really helps my heels stay smooth. I gave up makeup a long time ago and now use honey/oatmeal/etc homemade mixes for facials. As soon as my bottle of shampoo is done I’m going to try the baking soda/apple cider vinegar method. All these chemicals just can’t be good for us!


    • Truly Cozy
      July 7, 2015

      Its true. A lot of those homemade bath and body solutions work great for some and not for others. I’ve been trying different stuff over the last year or so. I love experimenting! Love the idea of using petroleum jelly before a run. Thanks for the tip, Jen! 🙂


  3. consumewithlove
    July 7, 2015

    Love this! It’s frightening how many useless (and harmful) products are on the market. I recently read that women put on average over 150 chemicals on their skin everyday.. While some are harmless.. Some are definitely concerning. Great post… Thanks for sharing 🙂


  4. Melinda
    July 7, 2015

    I agree with this 100%. I used to have a routine that include several steps just to wash my face! Now, I use vanicream soap and a very basic moisturizer (plus foundation and, if I’m being fancy, other makeup). Less is more!


  5. Love this list! I’m always trying to simplify and make my routine more natural. Sadly, oil cleansing didn’t work for me, I tried so many different oils and they all made me break out like crazy! I know it works for a lot of others though!


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