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The Versatile Blogger Award

One of my favorite things I have learned since joining the legion of bloggers is how encouraging and supportive the community is to writers and readers alike.
As such, it is easy for me to dive head first into every bright idea, experiment and whim knowing that there are other talented folks out there joining me in solidarity and always willing to lend a considerate comment or affirming “like” to boost morale.

I was recently nominated for this honorary Versatile Blogger Award that, as far as I can tell, is just one more way that we bloggers can come together, pat each other on the back and pass each others names along because, let’s face it, you just can’t have enough helpful/fun/funny posts flooding your blog reader/Pinterest/Facebook feed.

I was nominated for this “award” by StephySweetBakes, a real Louisiana sweetheart with a food blog of her own that is chock-full of desserts, dinners and other delectable recipes.

Now, there are some “rules” associated with this “award.”
Rules aren’t fun though, amirite? #middlechildsyndrome
I’m just here to brag about some of my absolute favorite blogs to follow 🙂



Allegra-Villella-Photography 1. Allegra at Allegra Villella Photography has some of the most radiant and ethereal natural-light photos I have seen. She shoots beautiful senior photography in the Portland, Oregon area as well as boudoir/lifestyle photography that truly captures each woman’s unique beauty and individuality in a graceful and empowering way. I have had the personal pleasure of working with Allegra in front of the camera (trust me, I’m no model– professionally, that is. My bathroom mirror is thoroughly impressed though). She knows how to create a comfortable environment and help her clients get in touch with the poised and confident side of themselves that we often tend to forget exists. This is all reflected through the photos on her blog, which I love to parooze when I need a little creative inspiration and girl power motivation. Check her out!


The-Recipe-Rebel 2. Ashley at the Recipe Rebel is a food blogger of the highest caliber. I reached out to her for a series on healthy eating habits and she was extremely gracious and all too willing with her participation. She shines when it comes to improvising recipes to make them more healthy for herself and her family. There’s no shortage of classic and original recipes from this Canadian beauty. Check her out!



3. DaNelle at Weed ’em & Reap is your go-to girl for simplified homesteading tips. From a complete guide on milking goats to bread recipes that even I can’t mess up somehow, she has it all! DaNelle believes in the transformative benefits of eating wholesome foods on your overall wellness.  Check her out!



4. Toni at A Bowl Full of Lemons knows all about organization. Her blog has more information than you could ever hope to find in any library about getting your life in order. I love following her Pinterest boards, especially. If you are looking for great DIY ideas on home organization, check this blog out!



5. Allison at Petit Elefant has the whole lifestyle blog “thing” dialed. She has recipes for DIY beauty, tons of posts on travel *swoon* AND home remodeling tips and tricks! Her style is impeccable, she surfs and has chickens. The whole package! Check her out!



6. Matt and Betsy at DIY Natural share some of my all-time favorite posts. As an aspiring homesteader, I read their blog religiously! This husband and wife duo (cute!) are all about doing it yourself naturally. They make chemical-free cleaners, cook amazing food, create all-natural beauty products and make simple homesteading practices easy to understand and administer. Check these guys out!


7. Marlynn at Urban Bliss Life is a self-proclaimed bourbon and Beastie Boys lover. What more can I say? Except that in addition to that fact, her blog has some of the most mouth-watering photos and recipes EVER. Its not just recipes though; travel, restaurant reviews, product reviews and DIY projects are all included in this must-read blog. Check her out!





8. Ali at Run.Knit.Love. is such an inspiration with her blog about parenting and life. I always find myself laughing out loud at the hilarious things her kids say as well as her wit and ability to laugh at herself through all the bumps and bruises of life. The blog is relatable and honest, which is the two best things a blog can be, in my humble opinion. Check her out!



9. Catherine at Ten Thousand Hour Mama is as genuine and kind as they come. She writes about being a first-time mommy and long-time human in this whacky world we live in. I always seem to find myself shouting “Amen, sister!” to an empty room as I read her blog. When a person can make you feel like they get you even when they haven’t met you, it is pure gold. Check her out!





10. Monica at Our Debt Free Family is a dynamo of a woman working towards eliminating her family’s debt entirely. They have already blasted through $65,000 in less than a year on a single middle-class income. WOW! She focuses on realistic ways families can help themselves financially as well as sharing other success stories from people who have their own tips and tricks on getting out from under the heavy burden of debt. This is a must-read for sure. Check her out!





11. Renee at the Good-Hearted Woman blogs some vegetarian, some gluten-free, some vegan and all yum-filled recipes. She and her partner in crime (Mr. B) are reigning champs in the 2015 Portland Grilled Cheese Contest. Try not to drool– they won with an Irish Apple Pie Twice-Grilled Cheese. OH YES. Please, oh please, do yourself a favor and check this blog out!




12. Lindsay at Running With Tongs is a certified Holistic Health Coach who writes all about food, health and wellness. She shares her cooking tips on eating wholesome foods to improve nutrition and create a sustainable lifestyle for yourself. She is all about being happy and healthy. Don’t we all want that? Check her out!



Foodimentary13. John-Bryan at Foodimentary shares food holidays for every day of the year. How cool is that? This is every food lovers dream come true. He shares food history facts for each date as well as food facts for each featured dish of the day. Check him out!






The-Skinny-Fork14. Amanda at The Skinny Fork hails from Austin, Texas and blogs “healthified” recipes of all the best stuff! She’s got it all from tips and tricks for the kitchen to cocktails and all manner of comfort food favorites. What a gem! She’s quirky, sweet and worth the read. Check her out!






m and m15. MacKensey at Macaroni and Mascara shares some great healthy recipes as well as tips for the home and keeping things real with your partner. A one-stop blog; she has it all! She keeps it real, she keeps it fun, she keeps it really funny. Check her out!







Who are your favorite bloggers to follow? Let me know in the comments!
Until next time, cheers!


16 comments on “The Versatile Blogger Award

  1. ladiesinnavy
    April 27, 2015

    awesome list! i need to check some of these out!


  2. Ali WIlkinson
    April 27, 2015

    Thank you so much for including me on your list! I love some of these already and will have to check out some of the ones I’m not familiar with. Er, especially the organization ones….


    • Danielle
      April 28, 2015

      I think we can all use a little guidance now and then in the organization department 😉 Thanks for all your great posts, cheers!


  3. Renée ♥
    April 27, 2015

    Oh, Danielle! Thank you so much for including me in this list of wonderful bloggers! I genuinely feel honored, and as you know, working inside our little bubbles as we are inclined to do, it really is nice to get that little pat on the back from the outside now and then. You’ve made my day – and given me some great new blogs to check out! ♥


    • Truly Cozy
      April 27, 2015

      Glad to hear it, Renee! I just love your blog so much! Thanks for always having great posts for me to read, cheers! 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

  4. Erin
    April 27, 2015

    The blogger community is definitely great that way. I’m excited to check out some new blogs from your list!


  5. Marlynn Jayme Schotland
    April 27, 2015

    Aww! I was just going through the list thinking “these are some of my favorites too!” and then I saw mine listed — what a huge honor! Thank you so much! You made my morning 🙂 Excited to check out some of the bloggers that are new to me too. You’re right: it is a wonderful community, and we’re all happy to have you in it too!


    • Truly Cozy
      April 27, 2015

      Great minds think alike! Thanks so much for your kind and encouraging words today and all the other days 🙂 cheers!


  6. Blog To Taste
    April 27, 2015

    Great list! I always love getting referrals to blogs from other bloggers- you know what you’re talking about!


  7. catherinemryan
    April 28, 2015

    Danielle, thank you so much for the shout out! I should have you write my about section, haha – I feel like you captured what my blog is all about so perfectly. I’m clicking through on a lot of these to find new blogs to follow!


    • Truly Cozy
      April 28, 2015

      I think your goal for your blog comes across loud and clear. I always enjoy your posts so much! I’m excited to share all my favorite bloggers with the world! 🙂


  8. Bonnie
    April 28, 2015

    This is an awesome list and I totally got lost in it. Thanks for sharing!


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