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#Friday Favorites

e5b1e-fridayfavoriteslogoGreetings, friends!

Sometimes, by the end of the week, I feel very triumphant for having not only gotten myself out of bed every day (blame my gel memory foam mattress topper), but for also doing the talking and the standing.
Its like, “Okay, I brushed my teeth. What more do you people want from me??”

Nevertheless, we are here now. FRIDAY. #yaaas

FLICKS: Girl Most Likely

Kristen Wiig ( Bridesmaids / Hateship Loveship / Whip It ) stars as Imogene, a struggling playwright, for whom everything seems to be going wrong for. When she hits rock bottom, she is forced to move back to New Jersey with her colorful mother, played by Annette Bening ( American Beauty / The Kids Are Alright ). Now surrounded by a house of odd characters, she faces the reality of her dysfunctional life and the crossroads of her career.

I started this movie a few weeks ago and didn’t end up finishing it for some reason (likely that my microwave nachos needed my full attention, tbh).
drewbarrymore neverbeenkissed bracesI went back and finished it this week and loooooooooooved it.
Imogene is all of us pretty much.

Have you ever felt like you wanted your life to be more together than it sometimes is?
Have you ever let someone treat you like you were below them because you struggle differently than them?
Have you ever loved something so much and been so good at it but, even still, couldn’t muster up the motivation to follow it all the way through?

Imogene has.
TaylorSchillingEatingPepperAndCrying OITNBAND SO HAVE I, DAGUMMIT.

If you enjoy a good, quirky indie film, just watch it. kthnxbai.

TUNES: “No Surprises” by Radiohead

If you’re following along than you know that this song is from Paradise which I recommended to you two weeks ago.
I mean, its from 2008 album of the same name by Radiohead, but it was in that movie and that’s why I thought to incorporate it into this #FridayFavorites post.
Because its my blog. And I can do what I want. I’M THE BOSS!
EATS: Oven-Roasted Brussel Sprouts
My best friend kept up her title by introducing me to this fast and simple way to eat brussel sprouts.
Don’t turn on me just yet.
I know the brussel sprout camp is severely polarized, but these are so yummy, you basically have to TRY to not love them.
Even my husband, who conveniently leaves his vegetables untouched to the side of his plate after every meal claiming a full tummy, said he enjoyed these; he had TWO helpings!

photo by Today's Taste

photo by Today’s Taste

Today’s Taste has an easy, breezy solution to the vegetable problem.
We usually do a spinach side salad with dinner along with carrots or whatever else is easy since most of the time, sadly, vegetables are an after thought to our main meal.
But then I get bored of those simple staples and want to mix things up.
Of course, then there’s the issue of not having bought anything else at the store because I swore I wouldn’t get tired of the carrots and spinach so we could splurge on Reese’s or something. Just being honest.
Here’s where it gets good, you can make these brussel sprouts from frozen!
So I picked up some frozen bags of sprouts and we have been in heaven ever since.
*PRO TIP* if you want to go with the less expensive bag of frozen brussel sprouts that are not steamable, just put them in a pot with approximately 1/4 cup of water and boil them for a couple minutes.
This and the steamable bag method are what make these so easy.
Usually you have to roast brussel sprouts for 40-45 minutes to get them cooked all the way through.
This way, you cut that roast time in half!

send-waffles-funny-shirtI saw an opportunity with my anecdote earlier.

Until next week, cheers!


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