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Drawer Upcycle Inspiration

Drawer-Upcycle-Inspiration-TITLEGreetings, friends!

We had a weirdly warm winter here in Portland this year.
However, it seems that everywhere else got really extreme winter weather.
Even SoCal had temperatures well below the 50 degree minimum I had become accustomed to growing up.
angry-kid-pouting-look-who's-talking-nowaaaaaaaaaand that’s how I feel about that.

The one thing I will give warm weather is that it sure brings out a lot of garage sales.
I LOVE garage sales.
broken-keyboard-garage-sale-gifIf you’re into crafting/upcycling/repurposing, you TOTALLY smell what I am stepping in here.

haters gonna hate hate hate hate hate

haters gonna hate hate hate hate hate

So, this week I thought it would be fun, in preparation for garage sale season, to get inspired to repurpose those not so charming dressers that will surely litter every yard and driveway come Spring.

Here we go!

All you need are some castors ($6/pair @ Home Depot) to screw on the bottom of some freshly painted drawers for this storage solution.

drawers-shelf-repurpose-upcycleJust add some decorative shelf brackets (Hobby Lobby) for rustic shelf storage.

drawers-shelf-organization-repurpose-upcycleAdd some funky knobs (as low as $4/pair at Cost Plus World Market) to outward facing shelves for a fresh take on organization.

drawers-shelf-bathroom-organization-repurpose-upcycleContact paper (Dollar Store) is all you need to accent this bathroom storage shelf.

drawer-bathroom-organization-repurpose-upcycleAdorable bathroom organizer as seen on Itsy Bits and Pieces.
Dowel + wood stain can be found at Home Depot for under $10!
*PRO TIP* check their clearance paint section for stains and paints at a fraction of their original price!

drawers-shelf-shelves-bathroom-organization-repurpose-upcycleGlue a mirror into a drawer for a unique decor combo that works in any room.

drawers-small-table-bathroom-repurpose-upcycleJust add table legs (Home Depot) to a rustic drawer for a miniature table that will add character and storage to your bathroom.

drawers-shelf-jewelry-organizer-holder-repurpose-upcycleYou can get a bigger package than you will ever need of cup hooks at Home Depot for under $4. Combine them some decorative knobs (starting at $4/pair at Cost Plus World Market) and you’ve got yourself a gorgeous jewelry organizer.

drawer-planter-repurpose-upcycleIf you find a junky old pedestal table at one of these garage sales, you can remove the top and use the legs to make this upcycled planter.

drawer-doll-house-upcycle-repurposeSee how you can make this adorable doll house over at By Your Hands.

drawers-cork-board-message-repurpose-upcycleCork board + contact paper (Dollar Tree) makes for a splash of color that is great for displaying photos, reminders and keepsakes alike.

drawers-decorative-accent-shelves-shelf-repurpose-upcycleBuy a few sample paint sizes at your local Home Depot (around $2/each) in any bright and fun color you want to revive these great accent shelves.

drawers-shelves-shelf-repurpose-upcycleMix and match an assortment of shelf sizes and contact paper (Dollar Tree) backings for an eclectic display of spices, oils, vases, etc.

drawers-shelves-shelf-repurpose-upcycle 2Creatively stack and secure drawers in all different ways for this unique take on a basic book shelf.

drawers-tall-shelf-repurpose-upcycleUlchville has an ultra simple tutorial on making these repurposed shelves.

drawers-side-table-repurpose-upcyclePop on over to Decor Viva for this side table tutorial. It is in Spanish so, if you need to, you can translate the page or just take a look at her helpful photos.

And there you have it folks.
Are you as ready as I am to get out there and bargain shop till we drop?!
rain-crying-gif-emporers-new-grooveOh right, not quite.


Until next time, cheers!


5 comments on “Drawer Upcycle Inspiration

  1. catherinemryan
    March 16, 2015

    Goodness, I LOVE these ideas! I bought some boring shelves from IKEA for our bathroom, and now I’d rather scour garage sales for dresser drawers. I’m pinning this for later.


    • Truly Cozy
      March 16, 2015

      Catherine, thank you so much! I am obsessed with repurposing. I can’t wait to try these as well, cheers!


  2. What a great collection of ideas! I’ve been wanting to hang some drawers in my bathroom for extra storage.


    • Truly Cozy
      March 16, 2015

      Alison, oh gosh, I know, right?? I’m totally inspired myself. Cheers!


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