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#TastyTuesday: Cheesy Garlic Bread Sticks

Greetings, friends! 

I find myself spending A LOT of time looking for good recipes online.
Of course this is usually during those crunch times when I am already hungry and in need of a little smackerel of something that won’t make me feel the guilt of a thousand calories.
4aa3c-tastytuesdaybannerMay I be frank?
Not the man.
The adjective.

We’re in the middle of saving for numerous different things, which is causing us to tighten the purse strings a bit.
So, we’re at the store, like, “how much cereal can we buy with $5?”
crying-eating-cereal(not really)
And then I recall this recipe I had seen from Life with the Crust Cut Off that uses only stuff we already had at the house. LOVE when that happens!

This cheesy garlic bread is so simple and only requires yeast, water, sugar, salt, oil, flour, butter, garlic, mozzarella and oregano.
cheesy-garlic-breadThe whole shabang took, maybe, 35 minutes.

It gets a little loosey-goosey with the bake time and temp at the end.
I just did 15 minutes at 425 degrees, but go with what you feel.

Also, if you’re a dunce like me with kneading dough and end up with doughy digits, try using oil instead of a floured surface.
I splash a bit onto my cutting board (not wooden) before I place the dough on it and slather some on my hands for good measure.
Works like a charm!

Two thumbs way up for a scrumptious bread sticks recipe made completely from scratch using only basic ingredients and, most importantly, does NOT require a 1+ hour rise time.

Usually bread sticks are served as appetizers, but these babies were definitely main course material.
We had ourselves a little spinach salad, a little marinara for the dippin’ and these bad boys and it was positively perfect!

Head on over to Life with the Crust Cut Off for this recipe!

Until next time, cheers!


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