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Greetings, friends!

As it is Friday, the most glorious day of the week and the end to the work week, I would like to celebrate with all of you by sharing some of my FAVORITE things.
FridayFavoritesLogoFLICKS: Obvious Child

So we have Jenny Slate (voice of Marcel the Shell) and Jake Lacy (The Office) as this couple that were essentially not meant to be anything serious. Yes, this sounds like every other rom-com ever, but its really not. Not that I don’t not-so-secretly love regular rom-coms anyway.

Don’t judge.
immabemeWhat I feel sets this film apart from others is how genuinely it captures their relationship.

I mean, just watch from 0:48 on the trailer. It doesn’t get much more real than that.

Donna (Slate) so accurately encapsulates the spirit of what a real woman might feel on a day-to-day basis from being dumped, to meeting a new guy, to parental relationships. She is witty and also awkward and I relate to it so hard.
I love the idea of a woman who doesn’t always have her poop in a group with the perfect words to say, but at the same time, she can handle herself when hardship comes along.

TUNES: “She Talks to Angels” by the Black Crowes

Fun Fact: The lead singer, Chris Robinson, was married to Kate Hudson for six years.

That organ drop at 0:41 got me like
napoleondynamitedancingthen the lyrics be like
vma-crying-15Its quite a ride.

EATS: Crunchy Baked Fries
If you are looking for the perfect side to your meal and you want to mix things up, you need this recipe.

photo by Sweet C's Designs

photo by Sweet C’s Designs

Sweet C’s Designs shared this recipe long ago that is one of my favorites when it comes to mixing it up along with our main dish or if we’re just looking for a solid snack.

Fries seem super simple, but I have made them a lot at home and before this recipe, I could never get that crispy texture just right. They almost always just came out like potato wedges.

I won’t divulge the secret here, but head on over to Sweet C’s Designs for the recipe. You won’t be sorry!


Until next week, cheers!


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