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#Friday Favorites


Greetings, friends!

As it is Friday, the most glorious day of the week and the end to the work week, I would like to celebrate with all of you by sharing some of my FAVORITE things.

FLICKS: Laggies

Knightley plays a woman who does not feel prepared for the mundane responsibilities of adulthood. In an effort to find herself, she looks to a young girl she recently met (Moretz) for a short moratorium on the life and love (Webber) she was not so sure she was ready for. In turn, she develops a relationship with the girl’s father (Sam Rockwell, Green Mile / Galaxy Quest / Charlie’s Angels) and confronts some uncomfortable truths about herself.

One of my favorite lines from the movie: “I guess it’s easier when you’re young, all you need from someone is to feel stupid around them. When you’re older, you need to feel like you’re on the same side of what seems stupid.
keiraknightley dancing#realtalk

Bottom Line:
1. Keira Knightley with an American accent. Surprisingly believable.
2. Mark Webber: the guy from Snow Day with a beard.
3. Chloe Grace Moretz (Hugo / Kick Ass / Carrie). I just really like her.
4. It takes place in Washington. PNW REPRESENT, SON.

TUNES: “Body in a Box” by City and Colour

Folky, slightly morbid alt. rock from Canada?
BradPittDancing BurnAfterReading
EATS: Baked Acorn Squash

So, my mother-in-law (angel that she is) introduced me to the wonders of squash a few years ago.
Up until that point I was like, “Squash? Who likes food named after gross verbs? NOT ME.”
But now I pretty much want all the squishy squashy squash in all the land, please.
baked-acorn-squash-640-dm-600x400Simply Recipes has a superb post on Baked Acorn Squash that will have you singing praises over these GOURD-eous taste sensations.
(See what I did there?)


Until next week, cheers!


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