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#Friday Favorites

FridayFavoritesLogoGreetings, friends!

As it is Friday, the most glorious day of the week and the end to the work week, I would like to celebrate with all of you by sharing some of my FAVORITE things.


Dan Radcliffe (Harry Potter) plays Ignatius Perrish a young  man who is accused of murdering his beloved girlfriend (Juno Temple, Maleficent / Little Birds) in a small town in Washington. The movie is based off the book of the same name by Joe Hill (son of the great Stephen King).
I will watch ANYTHING that my most beloved Harry Potter cast is in post-Potter, let me just say that right now, but I needed no coercion with this movie.
Ever since I saw the trailer, I knew I had to see this. My instincts were on point because this story struck a brilliant balance between a somewhat blacker-than-black humor with a substantive and actually mysterious plot that literally kept me on the edge of my seat through the whole film.

It all comes down to this: Harry Potter with an American accent. Its so good. I– I just can’t.

TUNES: Danny Boy by Johnny Cash

Okay, so this song is definitely not up to my usual tempo for a #FridayFavorites post, BUT I love it.
I love it in all of its organ-playing, raspy, deep voice crooning goodness.
Steel yourselves for just a moment here and take a listen. If for no other reason than because Johnny Cash is the Beyonce of ’50s and ’60s. #SLAY

EATS: Cinnamon Roll Cake

Instagram @ TrulyCozyBlog

I posted this rather beautiful photo of a delectable dessert on my instagram yesterday and people were pretty happy about it.
Crunchy Creamy Sweet has the recipe for Cinnamon Roll Cake that you’re looking for.
My husband said AND I QUOTE, “like a cinnamon roll, but a better texture.”
Look, these facts don’t lie. I made this cake, like, 20 hours ago and our 9 x 13 pan of this goody-goody goodness is already half devoured.
I should also mention that we have poor portion control BUT STILL.

buns of cinnamonLet’s be honest, cinnamon buns are where its at.

I am always looking for solid recommendations of good movies, music, books, recipes, etc.
Have any good suggestions?

Until next week, cheers!


2 comments on “#Friday Favorites

  1. Anna@CrunchyCreamySweet
    February 6, 2015

    Thank you for trying my recipe for Cinnamon Roll Cake! Love your husband’s comment!! And that top – I need it! Have a wonderful weekend!


    • Truly Cozy
      February 10, 2015

      Anna, thank YOU for the wonderful recipe 😉 I love what you’re doing over on Crunchy Creamy Sweet! Cheers!


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