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DIY Beard Oil

Greetings, friends! 

It is suggested that the sense of smell is the sense linked strongest to memory out of the five senses.

Not counting telepathy, of course.

It is also suggested that people with beards are linked strongest to my sense of attraction.
*fans self*

The great Sir Mix-a-Lot once said:
“I like big beards and I cannot lie.”
or something like that.

Point being, beards are something to be adored and smelt.

I mean if its properly taken care of, of course.

How can we make this happen?

Here’s what you’ll need:
approximately 2-3 teaspoons castor oil
approximately 2-3 teaspoons jojoba oil
10-20 drops essential oils (of your own choosing) 
bottle with small dropper

* These amounts are based off of using a 1 fl oz bottle for the finished product.

Here’s what you’ll do:
* PRO TIP: Keep in mind not to fill bottle to the very top so it doesn’t overflow when you screw in the dropper top and so you will still be able to shake the mixture to combine ingredients well. 

1. Fill the bottle just under halfway with castor oil.
2. Fill it most of the rest of the way with jojoba oil.
3. Add your drops of essential oils 10-20 total.

* I used 6 drops of cedarwood and 6 drops of clove because I like my dude to smell like the forest and also Christmas. 

4. Screw the dropper on tightly and …

… the bottle. And then your booty.

Remind your bearded buddy to start by massaging the oil into the skin under the beard. Combing through will help distribute the oil to rest of beard, but its important to target the hair roots to minimize beardruff.

The best part:

16 fl oz castor oil: $10
this recipe: $0.32
2 fl oz jojoba oil: $10
this recipe: $2.50 
1 fl oz essential oils: $8
this recipe: $0.27

total: $3.09

These babies usually run for $10 each if you’re lucky.

In case you need more convincing:
castor oil:
Regular use targeted at hair roots reduces dry, itchy skin and promotes faster new hair growth.
Can help reduce acne when massaged into skin (pro tip: enhance this benefit by opening pores first with steam from taking a shower or morning face wash routine).
Moisturizing properties help to keep skin from drying out especially when combined with … *drum roll*

jojoba oil
Has antimicrobial properties which make it an excellent natural remedy to help heal sores and rashes.
Absorbs quickly into skin and prevents moisture loss.
Lightens scars without triggering irritation (hypoallergenic).

Until next week, cheers!

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3 comments on “DIY Beard Oil

  1. Anonymous
    January 7, 2015

    I didn't know beard oil was a thing! But I guess it makes sense.


  2. Danielle Berger
    January 7, 2015

    Diana, yes, it is! Conditions, prevents frizzy fly aways and helps sculpt the beard. I love it 😀


  3. Danielle Berger
    January 7, 2015

    heh hem, that is, I love it on my man. Haha


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