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Money Saving Tips

For me, birthdays are always like…
… and right after…

I’ve made my bed and now I have to sleep in it.
I figured this would be as good a time as any to post some good general money saving tips.

You know I love a good list!

1. Use your local library. 
Just for being a tax-paying citizen you can get your hands on all sorts of COMPLETELY FREE CDs, DVDs/Blu-rays (TV shows and movies), books, magazines sometimes even workshops and other resources. This is for any library within your county.
In my county, I can rent up to 10 DVDs/Blu-rays at a time for a week at a time.
Haven’t finished watching it after a week? Renew it up to 4 times. That’s up to a month! WAY BETTER THAN REDBOX. 24 hours. pft.
You can rent books/CDs for much longer before having to renew them.

2. Be smart about your grocery shopping.
Check out my last post 15 Grocery Shopping Tips. Good stuff.

3. Swap out paper towels/napkins for cloth napkins.
Go to any secondhand store and clean them out of their cloth napkin section. I got something like 25 cloth napkins for about six bucks. awwwww yeaaaaaah. You can toss them in with your regular wash and as long as you have enough to start with you won’t even notice the difference.

4. Swap out Clorox wipes for towel/t-shirt rags. 
Buy a couple of large towels (or t-shirts if you want that speckless microfiber cloth affect), also from a secondhand store of course, and cut them up into rag sizes. Use these to clean your kitchen/bathroom/whatever along with a good chemical-free all-purpose cleaner (Here’s a good recipe!)
We used to buy napkins/paper towels every month and Clorox wipes every few months.
After less than $10 of upfront costs, we’re saving almost $7 per month on average. Every bit counts!
If you like the convenience of all-purpose cleaning wipes, check out my DIY here!

5. Stop throwing away money on store-bought fabric softener. 
Just stop.
Try this homemade fabric softener recipe by yours truly. You won’t regret it!

6. Stretch your makeup usage. 
Mascara running a little dry? Before you throw that baby away, slip a couple drops of saline eye solution in there and it’ll be all fresh and new! Mine went for another month beyond when I thought it had gotten all dried up.
Check out my homemade foundation powder DIY here to spend $0.11 on what would ordinarily cost $25 in specialty makeup stores.

7. Never ever buy bottled water. 
Its freakin’ expensive AND its incredibly wasteful. I mean, 1.5 million tons of plastic waste per year. WHAT. Go get a reusable bottle and get on that money-saving train, friend!

8. Find local late-run/specialty theaters in your area. 
There’s a great little theater near Portland called the Joy that has $1 Monday movies and every other night is only $4! Double plus bonus: its a pub that serves awesome food and drinks (alcoholic or otherwise) for a great price especially compared to regular theater prices (yikes!). Cool and unique atmosphere plus yummy food/beer/cider/wine selection for two under $15? HALLELUJAH!

9. Check in with your local Parks & Recreation/Community/Arts Center. 
These places have all kinds of free stuff you can get involved with. Seminars, sports, festivals, movie nights, crafts, performances, concerts, classes, galleries even food for killer prices if not mostly free.
In my area, I can learn the basics of roller derby for $6, take a class on throwing on a potter’s wheel (including all the supplies to make/glaze/fire my own project) for $15, take piano lessons for $20 per session, take a class on photoshop for under $20 and go see free movies weekly in the park all summer!

10. Create an email account to give out to stores.
Then pass it around like the chicken pox in a kindergarden class. They send all kinds of awesome junk; coupons and promos galore!
Just wait until your birthday month, you’ll be getting all kinds of free stuff.
The promo email address will keep you from getting bombarded in your main inbox and you can put a bogus address so your house doesn’t get spammed either. Don’t worry, they won’t check that stuff.

There you have it, folks.

Just keep this up until you’re back to…


Until next week, cheers!


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