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DIY Fabric Softener

Greetings, friends! 

I want to do a little experiment…

How many of you use Pinterest or follow blogs for DIY projects?

Oh, right. ALL OF YOU because you are reading my little blog here.

How many of you finally get around to trying out one of your fabulous DIY projects only to be sorely disappointed in its inaccessibility to us such commoners?

It’s ok. Let it out.
No shame here.

This week’s DIY is for you!
Nothing is more frustrating than setting out to save some money and/or be all homemade/self-sufficient/homestead-y only to find a long, complicated procedure that requires an expensive trip to the store and/or the tools and skills of the great Martha Stewart.

Here it is, guys.
A DIY project that is inexpensive AND easy:

DIY Homemade Fabric Softener
(originally by

Here’s what you’ll need:
6 c HOT water
3 c white vinegar
2 c cheap hair conditioner in whatever yummy scent you desire (e.g. Suave, VO5, etc.) 
a gallon size container
a funnel (not necessary if you don’t spill everything. #ConeOfShame)
a small dispenser of some sort (optional) 

Here’s what you’ll do:

1. Pour the HOT water into the gallon size container. I used an empty vegetable oil container from Costco, but you could use a clean milk jug or reuse your old fabric softener container. You won’t be needing those money-suckers anymore after you do this!

2. Add the hair conditioner. Screw the cap on tightly to the gallon jug. Shake it like a salt shaker/polaroid picture. Yeeeeaaaaahhhhhhh.

3. Once the conditioner dissolves into the water, add the vinegar and thennnn…

4. Pour a portion into your cute mason jar or vintage dispenser. Come on, we’ve all got them.
5. Use two tablespoons per wash.
Let’s review:
I got my white vinegar at Costco. $3.80 for two gallons.
A bottle of cheap-o conditioner at Winco: $.88
Water: free. (sorta)
We’ll do the math together.
$3.80 for two gallons = $1.90 for one gallon. 16 cups in one gallon. 3 cups needed.
cost of vinegar: $.36
cost of cheap-o conditioner: $.88
cost of water: what part of “free” don’t you understand?
TOTAL: $1.24
Now, I’m no mathematician, but…
This concoction should fill your gallon container just shy of three-quarters. Approximately .69 of the gallon.
If there is 256 tablespoons in a gallon .69 of a gallon is 176 tablespoons.
That’s 88 loads of laundry my friends.
Is there anything more truly cozy than softening a load of laundry for under 2 pennies?

Until next week. Cheers!


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