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DIY Serving Tray

Greetings, friends!

Its been a wild week with work and… hmm, can’t think of another “w” word… I’ve just been working a lot. Or maybe its not that much, the days just seem long when you get the pleasure of working with the public in a retail setting. Can I get an “amen”?

The upside of this week was getting to host a few different friends at our house, which is a rarity these days since I usually fill my time doing important things like smothering my dog with love and watching Harry Potter. Go ahead, judge me.

Have I mentioned how much I love to host people? Oh man, when I get to have people over I’m just like:

ANYWAY, maybe you see where I’m going with this.

Maybe you don’t.

working > not working > love dog > love Harry Potter > friends > hosting > hosting friends > TRAYS!

All my hosting this week has got me to thinking, “hey, I could really use a tray to cart goodies around on!” Anyone who has ever come to visit me knows I love to serve food, tea, coffee, snacks- basically anything tasty. Its all part of wanting people to feel welcome and at home and, let’s face it, who doesn’t love food?? I mean, really.

Things you will need: 

If you’re following, that’s only $8.16!
1 wooden round, at least 16″ in diameter (I got mine at Home Depot– only $4.88!)
shelf liner with adhesive back in any pattern/color (I got mine at Dollar Tree)
a pencil
a pair of scissors
a ruler
2 drawer pulls (again, I got mine at Home Depot– only $1.28 each!)
a drill
** I could not find my drill so I used a hammer to get the screw started and then a phillips head screwdriver and a little bit of elbow grease to finish it off

Here’s what you do:
1. Roll out a portion of shelf liner face down on a flat surface. Lay the round on top of it so that you are still able to see the liner around all edges.

2. Trace around the circle with your pencil making sure to hold the pencil as close to the edge of the round as possible. The closer you get, the less edge will hang over the round in the end.
3. Cut the circle out.

4. Place the liner, adhesive side down on the round (** don’t remove the backing yet!). Once you have the liner about even so that all edges are equally covered, begin peeling the liner revealing the sticky side to the wood. Hold down the sticky edge of liner that has been peeled with one hand on top while the other hand is under the liner that is not yet peeled back but on top of the round pulling the non sticky liner cover back from between the liner and round. Think of what it would look like to peel back an upside down can of sardines over the wood round while pressing the can down to the wood simultaneously. Ick.

5. Slide the ruler along to get rid of air bubbles as you peel and press along the length of the round. After the whole liner is pressed down, you can use the ruler to get rid of any remaining air bubbles. (I found that the air bubbles where kind of inevitable, but rather easy to get rid of and ultimately did not take away from the look of the finished product.)

6. Fold over any excess edge.

7. Screw in your drawer pulls to opposite edges of the round. I used the pencil to help mark the distance between the two holes on the pull.
** As stated previously, I (hem hem… or my husband) misplaced our drill, so I tapped the screws in with a hammer to start and then finished them off with a phillips head screwdriver by applying a little extra force downward to push them into the board. I found it was relatively easy since pine wood is a relatively softer wood.

8. Step back and try not to be too pleased with yourself for creating an affordable, easy to clean, customized serving tray of your very own for a fraction of what it might cost to purchase one. (Seriously, I checked. Eesh.)

Here’s a couple ways you can show off your fabulous new tray:

What?! I like candles. Get off my back.

I’ll be posting a new project next week. Until then, cheers!


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