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Truly Cozy Beginnings

So there I was, 5:30pm and not a thought in my head about what to make for dinner.
Now, I’m no housewife with dinner on the table by six, prim and proper waiting for my husband to bring home the bacon. Although, I’m not opposed to a surprise bacon fest– hey oh! I think its only fair that on days were I’ve been at home enjoying my day off and he’s working his fifth day in a row alongside his 18-year-old coworker (whose idea of entertainment is rating the velour tracksuit sporting “milfs” on a scale of 1-10), that I can muster up the energy to stop instagramming our adorable dog and make us some dinner. Fair? Fair.
I scour my Pinterest boards. What the hell is chutney? I don’t keep condensed milk around, ew. WHY DOES EVERYTHING NEED QUINOA?!
Which brings me to the this blog. Truly Cozy is about simple and easy ways to simplify my life (and hopefully if you’re reading this, yours too). Have you ever found yourself in crunch time mode, clocks about to toll dinnertime and every recipe seems like a challege from Top Chef? Ever wished you could whip up a batch of your very own fabric softener, unique to your preferences, that actually saves you time and money? What about a DIY project that doesn’t require a $300 table saw and the skills of a seasoned contractor? Well, step into the light my friends…

One comment on “Truly Cozy Beginnings

  1. Allegra
    October 8, 2013

    Can't wait to see where this goes!! 🙂


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